PSi#27: Hunger 2022

6 – 9 July 2022 | Online Conference

PSi#27: Hunger 2022 is the annual conference of Performance Studies international (PSi) for 2022, to be conducted online for the very first time to enable wide participation from across the world despite our shared limitations on travel and mobility caused by the pandemic.

Performance Studies international is a premier professional association of academics, artists, and activists working in the field of performance, a dynamic field of encounters where scholarly and artistic research are engaged with a wide variety of topics and strongly rooted in the interaction between theory and practice. Since its foundation in 1997 and its first conference in 1995, PSi has been an avenue for interdisciplinary exchange, communication, and collaboration in Performance Studies. PSi represents this field and stimulates its development by initiating conferences and other events, through working groups dedicated to important issues in the field of performance research, by means of an archive and oral history project, and with a network and a lexicon aimed towards the further development of performance research and education in a global context.

The theme of the 2022 conference is ‘Hunger‘, which is the embodied and lived consequence of deeply entrenched structural inequalities in the world today, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic but existing prior to the current global health crisis. How can the conference as production of discourse galvanize action and thought as a form of ethical response to the current situation that has already killed millions of human lives?

The conference will feature Response Panels and Hunger Action Sessions as well as Keynote Sessions with eminent speakers. It will also have a giving component whereby a percentage of the conference fees paid will be set aside for a Hunger Action Fund.

PSi#27: Hunger in 2022 is being organized directly by the PSi Board of Directors through a Conference Steering Committee and an Advisory Board that includes scholars and advocates outside the Board and outside the field of performance.

Check out the Call for Proposals due on 30 November 2021.

For inquiries:

Jazmin Badong Llana, PSi Vice President and 2022 Conference Director

Photo credits: All photos are from the photo bank on Fluid States Philippines Roro Journeys, which formed part of PSi#21 Fluid States: Performances of unKnowing (2015).


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