Hello, I am Jazmin Llana. I work in higher education with arts and humanities as my subject area.

In 2010 I started a blog but was not really able to do much in or for it. I have also been resisting engagement in the virtual environment and my work and schedule has sort of justified such resistance. But this is a different time now in April 2020, a time of pandemic that has brought the world and all of us to a standstill, a time we have never imagined would come, right here, right now. And so I start or restart with very practical aims in mind: to connect to the world, to friends and colleagues, to students, to those interested in my work, to engage with the work and life of others, to be immersed with others even if only in the spaces of the web and the realm of my memory of faces, bodies, smells, tastes, textures, sounds, and the warmth of embodied company.

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